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Kloppenburg Machinebouw develops and produces machines for the agricultural sector and industry. On this page you can see an overview of our production line. With our modern machinery we produce high quality products. From development to the final product we have almost completely in-house. Besides machines for the potato sector, such as Haulm pullers and Haulm toppers, we also supply the industry with our Palletizers. In addition to a fixed line, we also supply customized machines of which the Poppy harvester is a good example. Kloppenburg Machinebouw is an innovative company. Over the years we have had many patents to our name. The machines are delivered worldwide.

Haulm Pullers

Using the mechanical Haulm puller is an environmentally friendly way to remove haulm from your potatoes. This haulm removal technique reduces the risk of disease affecting your potatoes and improves the harvesting capacity and yield. The haulm puller is suitable for all soil types.

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Haulm toppers

You can mechanically remove the haulm from your potatoes with our Haulm toppers. Our Haulm toppers can be adjusted to your wishes. For example, only in a front version, offset or in combination with a rear topper. Our Haulm toppers are also excellent to combine with our Haulm pullers as a complete alternative for chemical haulm destruction. Suitable for use with green and dead haulm.

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Completely automating the stacking of, for example, potato bags can be achieved with our palletizer WiBo TPV. The WiBo TPV is easy to build and adapt to your needs because of its modular construction system, such as input and output directions, speed of operations and integrated into complete packaging lines. Suitable for palletizing different types of bags, such as jute bags, raschel bags and plastic bags, as well as other packaging such as crates.

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Poppy harvester

Poppy is harvested for the use of blue poppy seeds and for medical purposes. Harvesting poppy can be done using our KPH Poppy harvesting machine.

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Vegetable haulm polisher

The haulm of your vegetables can be removed in an environmentally friendly way using our Vegetable haulm polisher. Using special polishers, the haulm is removed without damaging the vegetable. Suitable for vegetables such as carrots, celeriac and beet.

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Your fully loaded pallet with, for example, potato bags can be wrapped with net or foil with our wrapper HPW 3500. The HPW 3500 is specially designed to be connected to the WiBo TPV palletizer. The wrapper has no fixed connection, so it is easily movable.

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