Since 1991 our company has been supplying palletizers. Because of these years of experience and further development of the machine, the WiBo can be called a specialist in palletizing. The WiBo TPV has several models. The machine can simply stack or, with the help of various modules, can be expanded to a fully automated line. The WiBo TPV is therefore suitable for all your needs, available space and can be combined with other machines from a packaging line.


Basically, the WiBo TPV works as following. The machine brings the package, for example the potato bag, via a conveyor to a input with rollers and integrated hoist. By sliding over the rollers, the bag flattens out. The hoist then raises the bag. A special gripper picks up the bag and places it, in any position you want, above the chosen pallet size and unloads. The formed stack of bags is supported by a supporting edge that moves up with each layer. When the pallet is fully loaded, it is removed manually or automatically. Depending on your requirements, the pallet can be transported to additional buffer unit(s) or wrapper. Depending on model, input and output directions and bag size, the WiBo TPV has a capacity of 600 bags per hour up to a maximum of 900 bags in specific cases. The WiBo TPV can stack up to 2.3m high as standard, incl. pallet. Suitable for stacking all kinds of bags, such as jute bags, raschel bags and plastic bags, as well as other packaging, such as crates.