Haulm toppers

KFK 275, KFK 475, KFK 275R, BAK 2275,

The technique of haulm topping is increasingly being used in the potato cultivation. Topping alone or in combination with chemical haulm destruction depends on the variety of the potato and the soil. Using rotating flails, the haulm is shredded. The speed of the rotating flails and the design of the hood create a suction effect and the haulm is deposited through tunnels between the ridges. Our Haulm toppers have, due to the hood design, an excellent ratio between a minimum amount of power required and a maximum output of suction power and leaf destruction. The machine is distinguished by its lightweight construction and therefore low fuel consumption. The Haulm toppers are available in different versions: the KFK 275 for 2 rows, the KFK 475 for 4 rows, the BAK 2275 in combination with the KFK 475 for 8 rows and also the offset Haulm topper KFK 275R. The KFK 275 and KFK 475 are also available with a special flail length for haulm pulling.