Haulm topper

KFK 475

This Haulm topper is available in several versions: as a front topper separately and in combination with the Haulm puller. When the Haulm topper is combined with the Haulm puller, the flail set is adjusted to maintain a longer stem. Then you get the best results. This combination offers a complete alternative to chemical haulm destruction. The Haulm topper is available in a 2 row version, the KFK 275, and in a 4 row version, the KFK 475.

Special hood

All our Haulm toppers are equipped with a specially designed hood. This gives them high suction power and low power requirements. With the right flail length and flail distribution, the Haulm topper can handle both green and tough dead haulm.



All our Haulm toppers have a special flail attachment. This makes it easy to convert the Haulm toppers, with an adapted flail set, to also top full-field crops. This makes the Haulm topper widely useful.


Weight 940kg

DimensionsLxWxH 2,10 x 3,30 x 1,15m

Working width3,0m 4 x 0,75m

Drive1000rpm x 1,2 = 1200rpm

Wheels2x 6.00 x 9


  • Adapted haulm guide, flail set and gearbox (1350rpm) for the combination with the Haulm puller.
  • Adjusted flail set for full-field crops.