Haulm puller

KRB 475

The mechanical Haulm puller has been a proven technique for environmentally friendly haulm removal of your potatoes since 1950. The haulm is fed to augers using guides. The augers then provide a constant supply of haulm to special pullers that pull the haulm loose from the potato with an abrupt movement. Afterwards, diabolo rollers push down the soil to protect the potatoes. The diabolo rollers are standard in a closed version. An open version is available for clay soil, which makes the Haulm puller adaptable to dry or more sticky soil types. Our standard Haulm puller KRB 475 for 4 rows is also available in a 2 row version, the KRB 275. The row distance is standard 75cm.

Better harvest

An abrupt separation of the stem and the potato results in a faster skin setting process of the potato and therefore there is less risk of infections. Earlier harvesting is also possible due to this faster process. The harvesting capacity is larger because pulling allows to drive faster during the harvest. This is because the ridges are already somewhat less closed. There are also fewer harvesting losses, because no potatoes remain stuck to haulm in those varieties where the haulm is more difficult to detach after spraying.


Ease of use

The machine can be used on all types of soil. The sizing of the potato is more precise because the haulm can be pulled when you think the potatoes are ready for it. The growth stops at once.


With all these advantages, you increase the net yield of your potato harvest. You get the best results when the special haulm puller flail set is used in the Haulm topper prior to the Haulm puller.


Capacity1 ha/hour

Number of rows4

Working speed3-5 km/h

Minimum power70KW (100pk)


Row distance75cm (30inch)


DimensionsLxWxH 2,90 x 3,40 x 1,40m

Standard version

  • Warning signs with LED lighting
  • Air tank
  • Support wheels with haulm cutter disc
  • Closed diabolo roller
  • 2 spare pull rubbers



  • Open diabolo roller
  • Row distance of 80, 85 or 90cm
  • Customized row version: the 2 row version (KRB 275), but a 6 – or 8 row version is also possible.