RSP 2700

The RSP 2700 is capable of very precise haulm removal. The haulm is separated from the vegetables by means of two counter-rotating axes and special rubber flails.  You can adjust the depth yourself and therefore accurately determine how far you separate the haulm from the vegetable. A combination of airflow and augers transport the haulm to the sides clearing your harvest field. The use of the machine is suitable for full-field, ridges and beds.

Environmentally friendly

You can remove the haulm from your vegetables without using pesticides. The haulm is removed without damaging your vegetables.

Ease of use

The machine is suitable for use with various vegetables such as carrots, celeriac and beet. The depth and speed is adjustable. In addition, the machine is easy to clean and easily accessible with the help of hatches.

Technical details

Weight 900kg

DimensionsLxWxH 2,5 x 2,95 x 1,4m

Working width2.7m


Wheels6.00 x 9


  • Hydraulic drive 800-1100rpm
  • Other working width is possible