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WiBo TPV Palletising machine

There are three versions of the WiBo.
The WiBo 6, WiBo 7 and WiBo 8.

The palletising machine achieves a capacity of 625 actions an hour, depending on the type of input and output and the bag size.

As standard it can stack up to 2200 mm in height, including the pallet. Varying from crates, boxes, jute and net bags.

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-The WiBo features a modular building system that makes it easy to tailor to your requirements.
-input left or right. output left right or front.
-roller input and output can easily be installed at a later date.


Frequency controlled TPV model
equipped as standard with:

  • proximity safeguard, buffer cell and pallet detection.
  • modular building system with detachable bottom.
  • stacking height up to 230cm, including pallet.
  • capacity 600- 900 bags per hour, depending on the input and output and the bag size.
  • 100 free programs of 2.5 to 50 kg, net, jute and paper bags, crates and boxes.
  • very compact, can be placed anywhere.
  • new control panel with faster controls in which all options have already been incorporated to facilitate their installation at a later date.


  • 1 or 2 bags.
  • automatic input/output and wrapper (operated from siemens touch panel).
  • control 4 input belts.